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Products Purchasing 

1  Complete and submit a Product Sales Form, using the nearest Franchise or Dial-Chin branch. Distributors must present their Distribution Identification Card on collection of the products.
2  Payment for products or materials on the completed Product Sales Form must be made on collection.
3  The product Sales Form is in triplicate: the company keeps white copy for record purposes, and the branch counter keeps yellow copy, then the blue one copy for the distributor who purchase products.
4  The Distributor must supply his or her name and Distributor Identification Number. All information submitted by the Distributor must correspond with the information that the company holds regarding his/her distributorship, in order to prevent a bonus miscalculation from occurring.
5   The Distributor must fill in the date of the order and supply a valid telephone number.
6   All the valid SALES FORM must have a Branch Manager’s signature and Branch Stamp. If in head office, valid SALES FORM must have receptionist’s signature and company Stamp.
7   Distributor No, Name, Tel, Date, QTY, Rate, Amount and corresponding BV of the products must be completed on the SALES FORM.
8   If delivery of the confirmed order is to a destination outside of the district of head office, the company is responsible for the delivery upon receiving the completed product SALES FORM and the accompanying payment. The distributor concerned will pay the transportation or mailing fees for the products.

Acceptance of Products

The DIAL-CHIN Group is committed to supplying the highest quality of products and services, so it’s imperative that the company receives the co-operation of its distributors. When a distributor receives an order, he/she should immediately check the products to confirm that items and quantities correspond to the order that was placed, and that the goods received are undamaged. The distributor must sign the SALES FORM as proof and confirmation that they have received the correct items in the correct quantities etc.
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