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Distributor Registration
1  Using the guidance of his or her sponsor, the applicant completes an Application to obtain an International Distributorship Registration Form. A copy of the applicant’s ID must accompany the form. The Application Registration Form will be rendered invalid if any false information, mistakes or alterations are made. All the information must be correct and well completed on the REGISTRATION FORM.
2  The Dial-Chin Business Kit must be purchased.
3  After the application has been approved by the company, the applicant will receive a Distributor Identification Card with their Distributor Identification Number.
4  The Company keeps a record of the information submitted on the International Distributorship Application Registration Form. DIAL-CHIN will not be liable for the miscalculation of any bonus, caused by mistaken or unclear information submitted on the form.
5  A Product Sales Form needs to be completed when purchasing Dial-Chin products, as a Distributor.
6  All expenses incurred by a Distributor in developing his or her DIAL-CHIN business, are to be met by the Distributor. These expenses include: transport; travel; entertainment; office rental and employees. etc.
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