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Dial-Chin History

Dial-Chin established in August of this year in China with the name of Hong Yangshen, and in the 15 years later, Dial-Chin focused on the local market in China.

Dial-Chin goes international as it opens in Angora, which is the first overseas country Dial-Chin launched with about 35 kinds of produsts.

Dial-Chin launched in Uganda, Kenya. This year company expanded internationally with breathtaking speed.

Dial-Chin launched in Zambia as the forth countries in Africa.

Dial-Chin launched in Pakistan, with head office in Lahore, the main city of Punjab. At the end of this year, Karachi support office launched.

Dial-Chin Uganda Company 2-years celebration hold in the capital of Uganda.

Company has Support office in Rawalpindi and 11 franchises almost full of whole Pakistan.

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