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The DIAL-CHIN International Group was founded in 2006 as a trading company in the first place. After seven years of growth "fast, we have established 18 branches, which locate in China, Pakistan, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Angola. We have also formed a global strategic partnership with our distributors, which are contributing his deep love, dedication and wisdom DIAL to CHIN. With more than 140,000 families who use our products, DIAL-CHIN will assume responsibility for the production of strong products of excellent quality and perfect service and high education with powerful and valuable. Thus, each member of DIAL CHIN is able to adapt to the world increasingly challenging business environment. conducted a performance evaluation and flexible incentive system, which are well organized by our outstanding management team.

Dear friends, we will keep your hands and stay together securely, so that we can create a strong team, to contribute our love and share our happiness on the road to health and wealth. We can have a future together!


To help every individual of Dial-Chin company to become healthy and wealthy in the whole world.


To be the No.1 Company in both health and wealth companies.


To help Dial-Chin members to achieve their dreams


To promote financial freedom of every member of Dial-Chin Company.
To manage our own time! To be successful in health!

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